MGM: Hua Yuan

06 2019 | Issue 33

Text/Salie Lei

Art Macao is a five-month mega international art and cultural event that will be held from June to October this year, featuring a number of art exhibitions at various exhibition venues in Macao. The core event “Art Macao: International Art Exhibition” has invited international resorts and hotels in Macao to participate in the art fiesta. They will help bring incredible art pieces from both home and overseas to the city. Exhibiting art items are diverse, covering paintings, ceramics, sculptures, interactive installations and multimedia art. Art Macao will be showcasing the charm of contemporary visual arts with a diverse formula.

So how will the international resorts and hotels in Macao combine the coming art events with their unique venues to maximise the charm of artists’ creative pieces? What kind of role will the management of these resorts and hotels play in promoting art? In this issue, we have invited representatives from Melco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd., MGM, Sands China Ltd. and Wynn Macau Ltd. to share with us their take on these interesting questions.

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MGM: Hua Yuan 

MGM will be presenting the exhibition “Huayuan” to visitors. Ink, digitisation, art and innovation are the key words to describe the exhibition theme. Huayuan will be exhibiting art pieces from renowned contemporary artists Wen Ma and Yang Yongliang. Ma makes use of the intrinsic connectivity and diversity of ink as well as paper art to present the large-scale multimedia installation A Metamorphosis: No End to End and installation opera in one act Paradise Interrupted. Yang’s Journey to the Dark II will also be exhibited at Huayuan. Her digital landscape painting harnesses technology and photography to paint a classical Chinese landscape on a high-resolution panoramic screen in the MGM theatre.

“For almost five thousand years, ink has played a significant cultural role in Chinese history. From writing to painting, ink has always been a source and an indelible part of Chinese history. People use ink to express in different forms, to accumulate the wisdom and thinking of our predecessors,” Catarina Lio, Vice President of Brand and Advertising at MGM said, introducing the concept of the exhibition theme Huayuan. “This time we have invited two renowned artists to reinvent ink and preserve Chinese culture and history using modern technologies.”

A Metamorphosis: No End to End, Paradise Interrupted and Journey to the Dark II will be exhibited at MGM Cotai Spectacle and MGM Cotai Theatre respectively, pumping new elements to the hotel venues. Ma combines laser-technology and Chinese art of accordion paper folding technique and builds an incredible multimedia garden landscape for A Metamorphosis: No End to End. Gardens spill down to the floor and occupy a pop-up exhibition space in the Spectacle. A Metamorphosis: No End to End is an amazing 3D landscape that showcases traditional Chinese aesthetics, allowing each visitor to have a unique and immersive art experience.

“When visitors walk into the MGM theatre, they might be amazed by Yang’s Chinese landscape art Journey to the Dark II. The digital art paints the development of cities,” Lio said, showing her expectation for Huayuan. “From afar, the work appears to be tranquil and quiet. As the viewer approaches, everything in the video reveals itself to be moving, growing, and transforming. The high-resolution LED panoramic screen in the MGM theatre also brings life to the digital masterpiece and provides viewers with an immersive experience, allowing them to really appreciate the art up-close.”

MGM is always dedicated to the demonstration of public art. “Public art is not limited to a particular sculpture or a specific venue. It is a progressive discourse,” Lio said. “We are hoping to use art as a platform to provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in the discourse.” In fact, MGM Macao hosts art seminars annually in hopes of giving artists opportunities to exchange ideas and drive the discourse of public art forward.

Exhibition date of Hua Yuan: 07/06/2019 - 03/09/2019

Show schedule of Paradise Interrupted: 29/08/2019, 19:00; 31/08/2019, 20:00    

Venue: MGM Cotai