2019 Christmas guide for cultural and creative events and presents (Roomage 30 / Kakahandmade)

12 2019 | issue36
Text/Jasper Hou

Photo courtesy of Crystal Leong, Doff Mak and interviewees

With December just around the corner, the Christmas vibe in Macao is becoming increasingly vibrant. Besides visiting tourist attractions and enjoying the beautiful light decorations in the city, there are still plenty of interesting places in Macao that are worth visiting for the holiday. In this issue, we will bring you on a journey to six cultural and creative brands and events in Macao. We have invited MGM Art Camp X cMarket, Macao Fashion Gallery, ella épeler, Zawood, Roomage 30 and Kakahandmade to share their upcoming products and events for the Chrismas season to provide our readers with the freshest and fun Christmas intelligence in town!

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Roomage 30


Roomage 30 is an integrated cultural and creative space that focuses on stationary, boutique, exhibition, lifestyle and dining. It has opened two brick-and-mortar stores at Praça de Ponte e Horta—one restaurant and one boutique shop. The restaurant offers light meal options to lighten up its customers during busy workdays. The restaurant had been decorated delicately and thoughtfully by the business owners. There are several tent-like outdoor dining spaces on the second floor, which have now become Instagram-worthy spots in the city.


Chicken Leg Set / Price: MOP101

Peanut Butter Sauce Beef Burger / Price: MOP68

Specialty Spicy Chicken Wings / Price: MOP48 (from left)


Roomage Select, the boutique store, is situated at the nearby Rua do Bocage. It is an art space that integrates elements such as art creation, stationary and lifestyle. After shopping at Roomage Select for boutique commodities collected from brands in Macao, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and western countries, visitors to the store can also try out the coffee specially made by the shop owner. This makes Roomage Select truly a relaxing and comfortable environment to enjoy a slower pace in life!

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Roomage 30 Anniversary Cloth Bag / Price: MOP169

Roomage 30 X BUCKET Environmentally Friendly Stainless Steel Straw / Price: MOP98 up (from left)

For this year’s Christmas, Roomage 30’s restaurant and boutique shop have recommended a number of must-try dishes and must-have cultural and creative products. After enjoying the wonderful delicacy at the restaurant, you must come by Roomage Select to shop for cultural and creative gifts collected from all over the world!

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BLACKWING Pencil (Germany) / Price: MOP16 up

ROSEN BRIDGE Soy Wax and Wood Wick Candle (Hong Kong) / Price: MOP200 (from left)

Roomage 30 Restaurant

Address: R/C, Praça de Porte e Horta, No.12A, Macao


Business Hours: 12pm to 1am


Roomage 30 Select

Address: Rua do Bocage, No. 13A, Macao


Business hours: 2pm to 9pm




Founded in 2010, Kakahandmade is the first cultural and creative brand in Macao that focuses on felt-making and handicrafts. Kakahandmade’s owner Kaka is a full-time felt-making artist in Macao. Since little, she has been passionate about felt-making craft and is good at locking fibers of different colours together on different accessories, bringing colourful and fun handicrafts to her customers. Visitors to her shop can pick their favourite items at the spot or order customised handicrafts of different stuff animal patterns such as mushroom, hedgehog, maneki-neko, alpaca, and more. Kaka is hoping her colourful creation can bring good moods to her customers.

IMG_9734.jpg IMG_9745.jpg IMG_9756.jpg

Cat and Dog Christmas Wreath / Price: MOP180 up

Gingerbread Man Christmas Wreath / Price: MOP120

Christmas Ornament / Price: MOP120 (from left)

If you are interested in making handicrafts, then you could sign up for Kakahandmade’s workshop on felt-making. From Kaka’s perspective, felt-making is very easy to learn since all you need to make felt are a needle and some wool. “Wool is soft while at the same time very elastic, offering comfortable touch. Even if the fabric is squeezed and crimped, it can gradually return to the original shape. This means it is very durable. I believe it would be a great holiday gift,” Kaka explained. “When using wool to make felts, you have to be extra careful. During the felt-making process, you also get to express your own emotions and unleash your creativity. Making felt can help you ease the pressure from your life. That is why felt-making is also known as a craft that cures.”

IMG_9773.jpg IMG_9793.jpg IMG_9877.jpg

Gingerbread Man Hair Clip / Price: MOP100

Japanese Wooden Plaques with Cat and Dog / Price: MOP180 up

Wool Felt Material Kit / Price: MOP40 up (from left)


Kakahandmade will roll out a number of holiday exclusive felt handicrafts and workshops, such as gingerbread man wreaths, Christmas ornaments and Lunar New Year Japanese wooden plaques with cat and dog. If you are interested, you can sign up for the workshops or order customised wool felts.


Christmas-theme Wool Felt Workshop / Price: MOP300 per person

*For sign-up information, please visit Kakahandmade’s social media page.

Address: Room A, 3/F, Rua da Tercena, No. 51A, Macao


Business hours: 1pm-7:30pm (Closed on Mondays)