2019 Christmas guide for cultural and creative events and presents (ella épeler / Zawood)

12 2019 | issue36
Text/Jasper Hou

Photo courtesy of Crystal Leong, Doff Mak and interviewees

With December just around the corner, the Christmas vibe in Macao is becoming increasingly vibrant. Besides visiting tourist attractions and enjoying the beautiful light decorations in the city, there are still plenty of interesting places in Macao that are worth visiting for the holiday. In this issue, we will bring you on a journey to six cultural and creative brands and events in Macao. We have invited MGM Art Camp X cMarket, Macao Fashion Gallery, ella épeler, Zawood, Roomage 30 and Kakahandmade to share their upcoming products and events for the Chrismas season to provide our readers with the freshest and fun Christmas intelligence in town!

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ella épeler


ella épeler is a fashion brand founded by local designer Ella in Macao. In fact, épeler is like a conjunction in French that combines words and sentences. As the brand philosophy “bring your attitude to life” suggests, ella épeler represents the courage for trial and error and symbolises its attempts to integrate different fashion elements through distinct tailoring methods. The brand tries to introduce its original patterns and paintings to every fashion clothing it produces, combining art with fashion. It is surely the designer’s hope to make every fashion item from the brand to be an art treasure in people’s closet!

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Flower Series Dress (Blue) / Price: MOP1,300

Child’s Dream Series Dress / Price: MOP799 (from left)


The brand’s showroom officially opened on 1st October this year. Besides selling its own fashion items, showroom also provides a variety of boutique items collected from around the world for customers to choose from to match their style. In addition, showroom offers customisation service to its customers. After purchasing, showroom will tailor the size of the fashion clothing for the customers.

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Flower Series Trumpet Sleeve Top (Pink) / Price: MOP780

Flower Series Long Skirt (Red) / Price: MOP1,000 (from left)


Embroidered Polka Dot Trumpet Sleeve / Top Price: MOP799

ella épeler generally rolls out new fashion items through fashion series. Customers can try on outfits from different series and embark on a bolder fashion adventure. For the coming Christmas, ella épeler has recommended the following clothes and accessories with vibrant colours, prints and patterns that match the holiday vibe.

IMG_20191108_015123_466.jpg IMG_20191108_015318_142.jpg

ella épeler Colour Blend Hairband (Blue and White) / Price: MOP120

ella épeler Earrings / Price: MOP120-MOP150 (from left)

Address: R/C-D, Rua da Cal, Horta da Mitra, Macao


Business hours: 2pm to 9pm




Zawood entered the business scene in 2012 with an environmentally friendly, simplistic and natural brand philosophy, providing customers with design and customisation service in wood furniture. The brand has also launched several wood home accessories such as storage cabins, chairs, light fixtures, clocks and decorative items.

B96A8899.jpg B96A8919.jpg

Zawood Christmas Exclusive Ornament / Price: MOP9 up

Custom-made Wooden Doorplate / Price: MOP180-MOP350 (from left)


Christmas Wooden / Basket Price: MOP300


In order to realise its environmentally friendly concept, most of the wood home accessories in the store are made of recycled wood in Macao after redesigning and reinvention. Every item was designed thoughtfully by the business owner. Another special feature that Zawood has to offer is its furniture customisation service. Zawood’s owner mentioned that customers can request to change the colour and size of the products, which serves to bring the furniture that customers truly appreciate.

B96A8845.jpg B96A8924.jpg

Zawood Christmas Exclusive Deco / Price: MOP9 up

Christmas Doggie Light Fixture / Price: MOP380 (from left)


Wooden Candle Holder / Price: MOP38 up


Zawood has been in the business for seven years and gradually building a brand reputation. Zawood’s owner believes that its success is largely attributed to its clear market positioning. “We specialise in making wood furniture. We are not agent of any other brands. From business planning and marketing, to design and product development, all parts of the operation are conducted by us,” Zawood’s owner told us. Besides developing their own products, Zawood has also started to organise woodcraft workshops to facilitate more interaction with its customers and the workshops received great responses. For this year’s Christmas, Zawood not only gives us a list of recommended home accessories but also invites readers to participate in the Christmas-theme woodcraft workshop at the year-end. Participants will be able to DIY Christmas gifts for their families and friends.


Christmas Woodcraft Workshop / MOP980 per person

* For sign-up information, please visit Zawood’s social media page.

Address: R/C-AN, Edf. Mei Fun San Chuen, Phase II, Pátio do Coronel Mesquita, No. 16, Macao


Business hours: 11am to 8pm