2019 Christmas guide for cultural and creative events and presents (MGM Art Camp X cMarket / Macao Fashion Gallery)

12 2019 | Issue 36
Text/Jasper Hou

Photo courtesy of Crystal Leong, Doff Mak and interviewees

With December just around the corner, the Christmas vibe in Macao is becoming increasingly vibrant. Besides visiting tourist attractions and enjoying the beautiful light decorations in the city, there are still plenty of interesting places in Macao that are worth visiting for the holiday. In this issue, we will bring you on a journey to six cultural and creative brands and events in Macao. We have invited MGM Art Camp X cMarket, Macao Fashion Gallery, ella épeler, Zawood, Roomage 30 and Kakahandmade to share their upcoming products and events for the Chrismas season to provide our readers with the freshest and fun Christmas intelligence in town!

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MGM Art Camp X cMarket


MGM Art Camp X cMarket is an event co-organised by MGM and cCentre with the help of art SMEs in Macao to promote the development of the cultural and creative industry in the city. The event will be held from 28th September 2019 to 3rd January 2020 with four distinct themes that will be delivered through the forms of retail shop, workshop and creative talk. The event will be located at the Grand Praça at MGM, bringing art, culture and creativity into everyday life and allowing Macao residents and visitors to get more exposure to local cultural and creative brands in the city.

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Macao New Eight Scenic Spots Postcard Package / Price: MOP30

One Flower” Flower Box / Price: MOP880-MOP1,280 (from left)


Every year, there is always a strong holiday vibe in winter here in Macao. Quite a number of people in the city would go and shop for gifts for their families and friends. That is what this event wants to target. MGM Art Camp X cMarket will roll out a series of Christmas gifts and discounts for Christmas. At the event, you can also find products from crossover between brands. Some of them are even limited edition from MGM Art Camp! Besides cultural and creative products, the event will also launch a number of Christmas theme workshops on making Christmas wreath and Christmas neon sign, etc. There will be artists stationed regularly at the event to paint personalised Christmas cards and small gifts.

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DIY Digital Camera by Hylé Design Macau (van Gogh masterpiece series) / Price: OP1,389-MOP2,220

Soda Panda Deformable U Pillow / Price: MOP160-MOP199 (from left)


Ultraworks - ULTRATIME Series / Price: MOP880-MOP1,580


People interested in the cultural and creative industry can also sign up for the creative talks organised by MGM Art Camp X cMarket. Local designers and representatives from MGM will be invited to share their take on the industry and provide you with a unique leisure experience at Christmas.

氨基酸金箔手工皂工作坊.jpg 07.JPG

Amino Acid Gold Foil Handmade Soap Workshop 

Registration fee: MOP420 per person │ Date: 8/12/2019, 15/12/2019

Holiday Theme Workshop

 Registration fee: MOP380-MOP780 per person │ Date: 14/12/2019-03/01/2020 (Sat and Sun) (from left)


Creative Talks 

Free Admission │ Date: 14/12/2019, 28/12/2019 │ Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Address: MGM MACAU Grand Praça

For more information, please visit MGM Art Camp X cMarket’s official site: cmarket.shop


Macao Fashion Gallery


Macao Fashion Gallery is a cultural and creative space dedicated to promoting fashion design and art. The space regularly organises different types of fashion design exhibitions and pop-up stores, gradually growing into a comprehensive space that showcases and markets Macao’s fashion design.

Common comma (3).jpg I.N (1).jpeg

Panel denim jacket / Brand: Common comma / Price: MOP950

Stand Collar Drawstring Sleeve Shirt / Brand: I.N.K / Price: MOP890 (from left)

The 2019 Exclusive Fashion Collections—Showroom is a new brand pop-up event at the Macao Fashion Gallery this year. Different from the pop-up events in previous years, Showroom showcases fashion commodities throughout the entire year. The event exhibits and sells fashion items from 28 local brands on the underground floor at the Macao Fashion Gallery from January to December this year, aiming to aggregate and bolster local brands through thoughtful display and fashion retail.

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Family Fragrance Pajama (Honey, peach and milk fragrance) / Brand: MACON / Price: MOP328 for adult, MOP268 for kid, MOP450-MOP500 for family outfit

Fashion Earrings / Brand: ADD something on / Price: MOP120-MOP150 (from left)

Lexx Moda (1).png

Women’s Shoes for Autumn and Winter / Brand: Lexx Moda / Price: MOP380-MOP580


For the coming Christmas, Macao Fashion Gallery recommends several fashion items designed by local brands this year, including family outfits, shoes, accessories, T-shirts, etc. These fashionable items also incorporate local cultural elements of Macao, which makes them great presents for visitors and residents in Macao to purchase for the holiday. Besides offering discounts, Macao Fashion Gallery will also launch a series of gift boxes, coupons and souvenir tickets at the year-end to attract customers.

Loving Macau (2).jpg Loving Macau (3).jpg Loving Macau (4).jpg

Lapel Pin with Macao Features / Brand: Loving Macau / Price: MOP40

Address: Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macao


Business hours: 10am to 8pm (Closed on Mondays)